Disabling Windows Server “Test Signing Mode” won’t remove the “For testing purposes only” wallpaper watermark

If you ever had to install private hotfixes from Microsoft, you most likely had to enable Test Signing (aka – Debug Mode) to install the binaries. Once done, you must uninstall the hotfix, reboot, then disable Test Signing and reboot again. But sometimes, the Windows desktop’s wallpaper will keep the watermark. What gives?! Let’s check […]

How to P2V a Windows XP machine, disable SATA boot drivers and enable IDE boot drivers

As I’m sure most people have experienced, there is always that one piece of software that cannot function on anything other than ancient hardware or an unsupported OS. In my example today, I am dealing with an ancient piece of physical hardware, sitting under someone’s desk, running Windows XP Pro. Before the spinning rust blew […]

Change Service Provider Foundation (SPF) port after installation without reinstall

One of my biggest pet peeves when installing software is when the installer outright says to you “you cannot change these values after otherwise you’ll need to reinstall”. It’s like the developer is speaking to their grandfather assisting them reset their WIFI – “unplug it and plug it back in”. With SPF, you’re prompted during […]