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A romp through installing SCVMM 2016 Tech Preview

Another “brain-purge” blog post. Please please please do these things in this order or you will want to kill yourself. SCVMM’s pre-requisite check does a decent job at identifying certain things missing on the server, but it fails miserably at checking the things you can potentially waste a lot of time on. So here is a quick recap:

  1. If you’re installing this onto a VM, you should probably give it a good amount of RAM and at least 2 cores.
  2. Install .NET 3.5 first. You probably need to mount the server ISO and install from D:\Sources\sxs
  3. Restart the server. Just do it. Trust me.
  4. Install a version of SQL Server that isn’t Express. SCVMM won’t tell you this until halfway thru the install, so again, save yourself the time.
  5. Create an AD service account. I believe it has to be an actual User object, not one of those new-fangled “Managed Service Accounts” that debuted in Windows 7 + 2008 R2. Add it as a local admin to the SCVMM machine.
  6. Install SCVMM.
  7. Wait awhile.

More info here:

By Ernie Costa

Virtualization, SDDC, HCI, Bourbon, and some Kubernetes

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