How to get your Chromecast to work with Popcorn Time again

Yes, I use Popcorn Time, specifically whatever the latest “clean” Community build is from /r/PopCornTime. It works great for TV shows I missed and other things…

When I recently moved, setup my new WIFI SSID, and reconfigured my Chromecasts, I decided to rename them based on what room they were in. We decided on using the first initials of our first names and then the room it was in (ex: E&S Bedroom). Everything continued to work just fine when I casted to them: YouTube from my iPhone, Chrome tabs from my Macbook or Windows laptops, Spotify…

…except Popcorn Time

Why? I literally tried every build possible (old and new) with no hope. Did Chrome block the AppID or something? The Chromecast devices show up in the little drop-down menu! No errors were being spit out by app or the Chromecast. Doing some Googlein’g didn’t help either. No one had this specific problem… but one person did have an issue with his Android phone, his Android build of Popcorn Time, and his Chromecast with an “apostrophe” in its name.

Oh my god. Are you kidding me?! Popcorn Time isn’t parsing the string name correctly and I guess wasn’t escaping out the & in the E&S name.

Removed the & and boom… working again.


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